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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So what are the best pieces I've found lately? Take a look!

Somehow I seem to attract the rarer Lisa Larson piece? I'm not complaining though. This Samhällsdebatten sculpture is from 1968 and it was only in production for five years. I guess it's less cuter than her animals which counts for the rareness as well.

Lisa Johansson-Pape's mushroom lamp. The taller of the two versions in beautiful white milky glass. Johansson-Pape is one of the best known Finnish lighting designers of the 20th century. 

A wool wall hanging with gorgeous colours. 

Rörstrand leaf dish by Gunnar Nylund. 

Another Lotte lamp! I'd love to sell this locally, so please get in touch if you're in the Toronto area. The brown glaze is darker around the edges and the shape, as you can see, is very pleasing. 

And my favourite - various reference books. I'm especially excited about the Barbara Hepworth since I really admire her work. Not surprisingly, the 1969 exhibition catalogue for Craft Dimensions Canada has amazing stuff in it.


  1. You are queen of the Lotte lamps!! Amazing finds, the LL, that mushroom lamp, and that wall hanging! Swoon!

    1. Thanks Francine! Canadians loved and still love Lotte, so there's plenty to go around :)

  2. Glad to have some company on the blogging universe. You know I love all your finds :)

    1. Too much beauty to keep to ourselves!