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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Long time no see! I went shopping in another town last weekend and left my finds behind so I wanted to wait until we were reunited and I could share some photos. And then I got sick for a week and tried to lay low for the rest of the time.

I attended a great estate sale last week full of clothes, but the funnest part was before I even got inside. As my name was called for the ticket, the woman next to me turned and asked "Do you run the blog Modern Squirrel?". So safe to say, I'm famous now. Hi Ilona!

Here are the bigger finds, most of the smaller ones infiltrate the store in the dark of the night.

Royal Copenhagen Tenera large 13'' serving tray byGrethe Helland-Hansen, I've never seen a Tenera piece this big or this gorgeous. There's some serious debate going on as we speak whether I should keep it (it's too heavy to ship!) or sell it (but we don't need it!). I'll let you guess which is my stance.

Fornasetti malachite plates. I love this set. These are number 8-10. I think the series has 12 in total. 7'' in diameter. All SOLD.

The perfect leather folder for all your Valuable Papers. Too cool to leave behind. You should buy it

Thomas Germany Venetian vase designed by Raymond Loewy. Another big piece, 11'' tall. SOLD. 

A Finel kettle for which I had to walk through the house four times until I located it. The owner had truly been a hoarder of ceramics and glass but most of it was too old fashioned for my taste. Pictured next to a Rosenthal vase which has me stumped. Who designed it? 

Today I picked up this Le Creuset cast iron pot from the 1970s. I love unusual Le Creuset pieces but what I love even more is sellers who say "I researched it, didn't find many, so I priced it conservatively". How often do you hear that? Usually, it's exactly the opposite - "I had no idea what it is, so I priced it at $200". 

Happy hunting!


  1. Those Fornasetti plates are fab.

  2. I had never seen a Tenera piece so large! My vote is that you keep it until I visit you and take it :) Great find on the Fornasetti! Love the idea of the smaller finds sneaking in the store at night, I wish it were true in my case.

    1. Sounds good to me, let me know your dates and I'll set it aside! ;)

  3. Hi!! I spent 3 1/2 hours at that clothing sale on Friday, then went back the next day for more! argh....

    1. Wow! I was there for maybe 2? Totally forgot about time, space or unzipping my spring jacket :D