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Monday, 26 May 2014

Welcome and have a look at my latest finds. I'll be away in June, hopefully picking up more European beauties for the store. But here's what I found in the last two weeks.

Lisa Larson Lilla Zoo Bison! Thank you Bit of Butter for helping me to identify this piece, which was marked as a "museum piece" in a very high-end antiques store. It's a museum piece for sure, as it is the rarest of Lisa Larson animals. Available here.

Salem Free Form Primitive teapot by Viktor Schreckengost with damage to the handle on the lid but as this piece is so rare, it doesn't affect the desirability much. SOLD. 

Ram's head I found at a thrift store! My husband always looks longingly at pieces like these so I decided to carry it home and give him an early birthday present. As you can see, it's already hung up on our wall. It came with a certificate that says it was mounted in Germany in 1981. 

Another fabulous pice of Descoware Markley enamelled cast iron cookware that has already flown to its new home. 

Some candlesticks and a fantastic Franco Bucci vessel. The vase is really big and quite heavy, similar in size to a bowling ball. The candlesticks are listed but I think I'll hold on to the Italian vase for a bit. It fits right in on my credenza. 

And last but not least,  picked up a few more sculptures. I sold my last one which made room for two more. Sadly I don't know the artist but the shiny brass is so impressive. The bigger one is SOLD. 

The store will stay open for the first half of June and I hope to have a lot of things to show you when I return in July! 


  1. Impressive finds Maarit! I wish you luck in your trip! Bring back all the things!

    1. Thank you! I will try to bring back as much as will fit in the suitcase!