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Sunday, 16 February 2014

My favourite find this week were ten (TEN!) TC 100 mugs. You might remember my big haul from a few months ago. I'm happy to say that there's nothing left of that. These mugs are a generous size as well, great for morning coffee and so hard to find.
They are available on Etsy.

Two Bitossi birds in an unusual dotted pattern. Up on Etsy.

As you know, like attracts like and I ended up bringing another Bitossi piece home. 

And something a little different - fabulous Nina Ricci frames with rhinestones.

A very big leather suitcase, in fact, I'm not sure where I'm going to find a box big enough to ship it in! The quality of the leather and brass hardware are quite similar to Coach but there are no markings. 

And a Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal vase from the Modulation line. On Etsy

As always, there were more but I try to post only about the things I was most excited about. Happy shopping! 

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