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Sunday, 9 February 2014

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised about my latest finds. I was definitely out less and staying in more and cooking. There's just something about this cold weather that makes me want to turn up the oven and chop onions. Tomorrow for dinner I'll be making four (!) recipes from the Balaboosta book, including the harissa. If things keep up like this, I might not have much to post next week. The times I ventured out, though, I picked up a few pieces here and there, take a look. 

First up, flatware! A modernist stainless steel flatware line by Hugo Pott called Linden or 2720. 
Designed by Paul Voss in 1952, it represented a new generation of cutlery: short blade, short fork shank and a small, oval spoon shape. Listed here. And the serving pieces are here. It's still being made today and the new pieces sell for a staggering price, so I'd recommend getting them vintage. Just look at those butter knives! 

More Rosenthal! Namely some collectible espresso sets from their Cupola line. If you're interested in learning more, here's a collectors' website. Would you believe the second one from the right is by Bjorn Wiinblad? 

A colourful rug with medieval kings - I'm so tempted to keep it, I love the brightness. I texted a photo to a friend hoping she'll talk me out of keeping it but no dice. 

And some of the smaller finds. A Bertil Vallien glass hippo, a pair of Danish teak candlesticks (SOLD) and two Arabia Finland hand painted cups designed by Toini Muona (SOLD). They remind me of the Upsala Ekeby Cleo line a bit. There were some more finds, you can already find them in my store

If you haven't yet, please watch this video of a squirrel trying to hide a nut in the fur of a bernese mountain dog. 


  1. The rug is so unique and pretty. I would find a great spot to display it. Just saying...

    1. Thanks, we are currently trying it out! Remains to be seen whether it'll be accepted into the permanent collection.