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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I'm going to wrap up this week early since I'm going to Florida on Friday with no firm plans to shop. Hopefully I can manage to stop by a few places but who knows.

The highlight of the week for ModernSquirrel - a friend of a friend was sorting through her grandmother's estate and invited us over to take a look whether there would be anything we'd be interested in. She's a fellow Estonian so I was beyond excited. Here are some of the bigger things I picked up (minus the kokeshis). 

Otto Rannamäe's (1917-2013) dinosaur (a keeper, it's so awesome!) paired here with thrifted kokeshis from Yajiro, listed here. Otto Rannamäe was a wood carver, here are some examples of his work. I need to find the perfect spot for this vertebrate. 

Rörstrand Nytt Kök platter by Marianne Westman, it's not a very common one and I'm a big fan of her designs. Listed in my store

And I saved the best for last - a painting of Tallinn's Old Town by Arville Puström-Uus, an Estonian artist living in the US. I love the colours, I love the snow but I what I love the best is that this is the street my sister's office is on and my high school is just behind the corner. I used to walk on this street every day for years and now I have a piece of my old home in my new home. Talks are still ongoing as to where exactly the painting will be hung. 

Note the gorgeous frame

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