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The Method to My Madness

Sunday, 8 December 2013

For somebody who touts the importance of knowledge and trusting your gut in this business (mostly to my husband, I try to spare my blog audience), I sure do go back a lot for stuff I initially leave behind.

Today I saw this Tostrup enamelled sterling silver dish with a guilloche pattern and  thought it looked pretty but the price wasn't cheap.

I did remember that Grete Prytz-Kittelsen worked for the company (in fact, it was her family business and she was eventually a part owner) but I just wasn't sure this was one of her designs. So I walked away, came home and opened my Grete Prytz Kittelsen: The Art of Enamel Design.
As a side note, if you do not have this book yet, get it! It comes with magical power, that ensures you will find Cathrineholm on the same week. It worked for me and for several other people I know.

But let's get back to my dish. Well hello there:

She won the Lunning prize for her enamel work in 1952 and was asked to be a part of the Design in Scandinavia exhibition that toured North America  from 1954 to 1957. According to the book, she produced these guilloche dishes for this exhibit and best of all, in small series.

So what was I to do than to go back! Luckily it was still there and now it's my job to figure out the best venue for this special dish. 


  1. So lovely. No shame in going back. It is sometimes difficult to pull the trigger on everything we like.

  2. Fantastic catch - I've had to go back many times too after doing research. And yes the CH book has magic powers ;)

    1. Thanks Bryan! Glad you could verify my claim about the book! :)