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Monday, 16 December 2013

The holidays are upon us and I've certainly gotten less shopping done for my store.
We've instituted a Christmas tradition that has its roots in my childhood - we have Christmas elves who come almost every night in December and leave presents in your stockings. I love this idea, I love buying gifts and receiving them and come December I'm full of moxie. Come December 15th or thereabouts and I've run out of all the gifts I've amassed and I'm scrambling to find the rest. So I headed out yesterday to the flea market to shop for some more. This might not sound that alien at first glance but turns out it needs a different kind of mindset, one that's less focused on the price and more focused on the actual person who should end up enjoying said gift. I'm happy to report that I did end up finding something - a couple of sterling silver liquor tags for decanters. While our home bar is extensive, it doesn't look very organized and I've been toying with the idea of making it look nicer.

So some of the bar stuff I've gotten for the shop will find a permanent spot in our own home. My husband was making an egg nog cocktail the other night and mentioned we should buy a proper bar spoon. I went to my "warehouse", deactivated the listing and brought out our very own bar spoon. Same goes for the Holmegaard Kluk Kluk decanter. I like its look and it's not a fast seller, so out of the shop and into our bar it goes. 

Lest you think the Christmas spirit has made me soft, let me assure you - I paired the liquor tags with a beautiful Cathrineholm bowl in order to get a better price. 

If you're also still shopping, check out the Taste Setters sale that's on until tonight. Lots of holiday sparkle on offer! 


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