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Thursday, 5 December 2013

I promised a great find in my last post and I think this is it! I was waiting for an expert's opinion and the Pendleton archivist weighed and said that this is:
"a "capote" style blanket coat. It's sewn from an actual blanket and it looks like it's a very vintage Pendleton blanket. What a find!"

I really enjoyed researching it and reading about Pendleton blankets and their importance to Native people. That's what the best finds are to me, in the end, an opportunity to learn something new. 

As you can see, the coat's loooong and sadly it's too big for me, so it's listed on Etsy. Please buy it before I decide to add a few pounds in some strategic areas so it'd fit better. 

I've been also been better about listing the lamps I have. I like how different in style they are, a lot happened in people's taste over the course of fifteen years! 

And since I've been feeling brass and gold lately, I couldn't pass on this 23'' tall sculpture. Available in my Etsy store. I love the patina, I love how stately it looks. I can imagine opening Elle Decor and seeing the sculpture on its pages. 

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