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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lately I've been inviting more and more colour into my life and home. It can still feel a bit foreign at times, especially as it gets pretty cold here in the winter.
Last year we painted our door bright blue and although the colour looked a bit crazy in the can, it ended up giving our house a great "pop". This summer I started wearing more shades, it used to be all navy-black-gray, and started considering getting some great Marimekko prints to wear. I wanted to dip my toe in slowly, so my first ever(!) Marimekko item ended up being this clutch which is a collaboration with Virva Launo, although mine's red. It gets a lot of compliments and makes me smile whenever I look down at it.

A few days ago Marimekko posted a sneak preview of their upcoming spring 2014 collection. Looks like the colours will be getting even crazier, I can't wait! I'm envisioning some bright pillows on my couch. 

And if you, like me, can't get enough, here's a new Japanese book featuring the homes and studios of Marimekko designers, see some pages here.

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