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Friday, 22 November 2013

a.k.a. Care Package from Mom, put together by her and my sister. Please indulge me as I nerd out about Swedish ceramics.

Stig Lindberg's mustard jars were designed for Apoteket, Sweden's state-owned pharmacy monopoly until 2009. These jars came in a variety of colours and are wonderfully versatile. I'm now on the hunt for the cork toppers.

Rörstrand Capri cup and saucer. The Capri line looks exactly like Hertha Bengtson's Rosmarin (available in gray, pink and white) only in yellow. It's so nice and cheery and if my intuition is right then it'll probably head to Japan eventually. 

Here's Capri mixed in with some Rosmarin.

Upsala-Ekeby was a Swedish ceramic company who has made a lot of gorgeous stuff. Sadly not a lot of it was exported, at least not to Canada, which is why it's always such a treat to find something. One of their bestsellers were planters and if you read Swedish vintage blogs as much as I do (you do, right?), then you know how many different kinds are there and how people treasure them. 

Gunilla (Bertil Nilsson) on the right and an unidentified beauty found in Toronto is on the left. 

Right now these two are not in use since I'm also hoarding Zanesville Stoneage Modern planters. 

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