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Finds of the Week Part Two

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Friday's Finds of the Week post was all about the things my mom had sent me (collected by her and my sister) but if you know me, then you know I didn't stop there. I braved the cold and came home with a few finds of my own. I'll present them in twos.

As most Torontonians, I'm in love with Lotte lamps. I seem to find the lamps and shades separately, though and rarely do I find the right size for the lamps I currently have and vice versa. But that doesn't mean I leave them behind. This white one came with me to wait for its partner.
The teak bowl is by the Danish ESA and it's so well made. Fantastically smooth with very thin edges.

A large 10.5'' Cathrineholm casserole in beautiful blue and a Lisa Larson Children of the World East  (Öst) figurine. This is only the second time I've found Lisa Larson in the wild! My first was at a flea market in Copenhagen and the mark was so faint that it got my hopes up. I asked for the price, the dealer smiled, said "That is, of course, Lisa Larson" and I knew there's no need to continue listening.

Here's the whole collection (sadly not my photo)
Source: bukowskismarket.com

And a whole bunch of Team Guzzini lucite animals to go with my camel that I found a few weeks agoTwo sea creatures: 



Everything will be in the store soon, email me if you're interested in anything! 

Don't forget to check out the Taste Setters sale tonight! We're starting at 9 PM EST and it's our coolest theme yet - Seeing Double. 


  1. So many wonderful finds! I am extra jealous of the Guzzini figurines!

    1. Thanks, Bea! Have you had any of these figurines? Some of mine are signed, unlike the camel, but all have stickers. Strange, huh?