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Covet Garden Magazine

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Look what popped in the mail today!

Covet Garden is a Toronto based interior design magazine and this is their first paper issue! It's so nice to see local homes and I can't help but look for the items I've sold to follow Torontonians :)
Make sure you leaf through the back issues (39 in total!) on their website, plenty of inspiration, both to people decorating their home and the dealers helping them with it... 


  1. Yup and coveting every last page and word of it! It's awesome!! It's real-life decorating and that is what my tag line is so this is SO what I love! Thank you for being.

    1. Thank you, Susan! Lovely to see local homes :)

  2. Gorgeous looking magazine! Would read that in a heart beat even as a Floridian.

    1. Check out their website, all the issues are online :)