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Vintage in Use Part Two

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Welcome back to another edition of Vintage in Use! This time I'm going to share some items from my home that are not necessarily useful but they're pretty to look at.

I rarely see something in a magazine and feel like I have to have it. Usually it's more like "Hmm, I wouldn't mind grabbing that for a loonie at an estate sale". But when I saw this Jere brass sculpture on a wall in LivingEtc I was mesmerized. I hadn't really thought of having anything other than framed art hanging up but this was so pretty and airy. Luckily, somebody was selling theirs online.
From time to time they still pop up on eBay, search for either Jere leaves or branches.

My huge Bitossi Rimini Blu bedside table lamp initially stayed with me because it would have been a pain to ship it. But now I'm really liking how it looks on the bedside table. Hard to see from the photo perhaps but it's over 18'' tall not counting the shade.
Next to the lamp are Blenko Diamond bookends, designed by Don Shepherd in 1980. My pair is from early 80s since they have the stickers that were used until 1982.

This huge Stig Lindberg bowl was my gift to myself for my last birthday, bought from Etsy. 

There's plenty more but I'll save them for next time. 

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