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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Thought I'd share today's finds with you guys. For some reason there were multiples of everything to be found today, so I was happy to cherry pick the best.

First, I picked up four solid teak picture frames. I think they're lovely and they remind me of my in-laws  house which was decorated in the 1970s so every piece of furniture is teak, including all the picture frames. Since everybody's buying teak again, these frames should find a new home quickly.

Next up, seven Arabia Finland Kokki casserole dishes designed by Tapio Yli-Viikari in the 1990s. The covered casserole dishes seem to be the more common finds from this line, so I was quite surprised to stumble upon this big lot. Would be lovely for a dinner party, each guest getting their individual main or dessert.

And last, a white Lagardo Tackett for Schmid Porcelain creamer and a possible Morgantown pitcher.


  1. The Arabia Kokki is new to me, cool! Nice find on the Tackett too ;)

    1. Thanks Bryan! I turned the place upside down looking for more Tackett but no dice.

  2. I found some Arabia pieces just like the ones you found, smaller perhaps. I thought they were Liekki http://fab.com/inspiration/arabia-liekki-ramekins-set-of-4
    Great finds, Estate Sale?

    1. Were yours round as well? I think mine are a little bit more black. Mine are stamped Arabia Kokki on the back. Just a regular thrift store tour, but more fruitful than usual.