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Friday, 18 October 2013

Here are some of my finds from this week, starting from the most exciting.
Not one but two orange Cathrineholm bowls! I swear, I never find these, especially not in thrift stores. This is my second time ever, and first time was a olive green casserole so it barely counts, right? These are in such good condition too and make me appreciate why people are crazy about them.

The bowls are resting on a teak tray, also from this week.

Two Oiva Toikka Kastehelmi glass bowls in brown, which makes dating them easy, since this colour was only in production between 1973 and 1978. I know Finns love leaving the stickers on their iittala and Arabia so whenever I find them stickered, I imagine a Finnish family donating them. But then I go to a sale at a Finnish church and there is never anything worthwhile there, since they don't want to to sell the good stuff away, which busts my theory. Anyway. Also picked up this single coaster which is waiting for its friends to resurface.

A Figgo Flint A la Carte gravy boat. The line was made 1960-1965 and has a great mid-century look, similar to Rörstand's Picknick. Tove posted a bunch of photos on her blog from her visit to the Figgjo factory museum which was helpful in dating the line. Check out her photos for other FF goodness too.

This Italian chair is also waiting to be listed. Honestly, I found it a few months ago but then we were shortly off travelling and it's been biding its time. Seeing we live in a small condo you'd be shocked how long it's been flying under my radar!

Most of these will be listed shortly in my shop.

And now, I'm back to reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, the recent winner of the Man Booker Prize.


  1. Lucky! I wouldn't be able to part with the CH! Such a pretty color. You might want to add a link to Tove's blog :)

    1. Thanks! Ah, there is a link it's just not underlined in the template I use. Should be clickable if you hover.