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Sunday, 15 September 2013

My favourite find this weekend is this pair of ceramic table lamps. They're so sleek and black, I couldn't leave them behind. Plus, they're a pair and how often do you find something vintage that still comes in a pair?

And a special shout-out to the guy whose day I seemed to make when after he had admired a $900 sculpture at an estate sale for a while, I walked up to him and pointed out the "Made in China" sticker on it's side. He couldn't stop thanking me and even after walking away he kept waving and smiling and pointing me out to his family. Thanks for being the nicest person I ran into today!


  1. These are very very cool! I would be SO thankful if I was about to spend that kind of money on a MIC piece!

  2. I call them helmet heads and can't put them in storage, they are sitting on the credenza so I can admire them, which to me is always a good sign about a pick.