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The Woes of Selling Online

Thursday, 5 September 2013

If you sell online then I'm sure you have at least a few rules about what you pick up and what you leave behind. Mine are pretty much the standard, I guess, broken stuff, unless it's something truly fantastic that will sell even in that condition. Dish sets, which are a pain to pack and are heavy. Glasses, unless they are really special, since they can break easily. Cast iron, unless it's something nice.
Well, as you can see, they're not exactly steadfast rules.

And then way too often I break these rules anyway, like today when I brought home this mirror.
It looks wonderfully Arts and Crafts and is probably oak, so I'm committing several crimes against Mid-Century but I try hard to buy and sell what I personally find beautiful. Even if it means shipping something breakable across the world...

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