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Friday, 30 August 2013

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to a contents sale. Well, that pleasure happens almost every week but what made this experience memorable is that this was the Rosedale house that Eb Zeidler designed for his family. Eb Zeidler is one of the most famous Toronto architects, author of the Eaton Centre, Trump Hotel, and Rogers Building, among others.

You can see some of the images of this house here from when Toronto Life featured it as their House of the Week. And here is some more back story from The Globe and Mail.

But honestly, the photos don’t come close to capturing what a marvel the house is, I was just walking around with my jaw on the floor. Sadly almost everything that you see in the photos has been removed, the new owners were selling their own stuff.

I did manage to grab one item that was original to the house, the mirror in this awesome bathroom. Please excuse the dark photo. I love old exhibition posters and crazy wallpapers, so this is the perfect bathroom really. Now the huge mirror is at my house, waiting for the perfect spot. I can't decide between the bedroom and hallway.

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